June 1, 2024
Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

June: Dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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By Mary O'Boyle OCDS,
Christchurch President

Dear Seculars,

June is upon us when we celebrate the feasts of the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary. A much loved and favourite devotion where we have been encouraged in praying the Nine First Fridays and the Seven First Saturdays.

Jesus told St Margaret Mary Alacoque,

My Sacred Heart is so intense in its love for men, and for you in particular, that not being able to contain within it the flames of its ardent charity, they must be transmitted through all means.

St John Paul II said,

In the Sacred Heart every treasure of wisdom and knowledge is hidden. In that Divine Heart beats God’s infinite love for everyone, for each one of us individually.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary was created literally “Full of Grace” as the Archangel Gabriel declared at the Annunciation, meaning that her soul was literally adorned with all the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. This fullness of grace is said to emanate from her heart, understood both physically and spiritually, in its unspoiled created perfection, that is the source and wellspring of her purity… therefore her heart is called Immaculate.

Our Lord took His sacred humanity from the flesh and blood of His Blessed Mother; Christ’s heart is taken from her heart. At Calvary, the perfect hearts of Jesus and Mary were united for the salvation of mankind. And this is why the Two Hearts are honoured together.

(Final paragraphs lifted from: https://www.catholiccompany.com/magazine/devotion-immaculate-heart-mary-6227)

Blessings in Carmel,

Mary O'Boyle, OCDS

Christchurch's Peace of Christ Community President