December 1, 2022
Holy Trinity as a mosaic

December: Dedicated to the Immaculate Conception

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By Mary O'Boyle OCDS,
Christchurch President

Dear Friends in Carmel,


We are now in a journey of preparation for Christmas, the Solemnity of Jesus Christ being born into the world. Advent is a time of waiting and longing for our Messiah. The Church invites us to renew our desire for the Lord more deeply in our lives.

We are encouraged to seek Jesus more deeply in prayer. We have visual aids too, the beautiful Advent wreath – the circle of the wreath, with no beginning or end, made with evergreens, representing eternity and everlasting life found in Christ.

The four Advent candles represent the four weeks of Advent, which we light one by one each successive Sunday.

  • Week 1 evokes the patriarchs and the virtue of hope
  • Week 2 recalls prophets and peace
  • Week 3 recalls John the Baptist and joy
  • Week 4 represents Mary and the virtue of love

May our Holy Mother take us by the hand to Bethlehem to join the angels, shepherds and three Kings in worshiping our Lord and Saviour.

We welcome Tess most particularly to our Meeting on December 4th where she will make her Definitive Promise. Tess, you are a wonderful example of perseverance, tenacity and patience. A thousand welcomes.

Please look carefully at the Meeting programme on left hand side of the Newsletter, it will tell you when we will be celebrating Holy Mass with Tess’s Definitive Promise within it.

Blessings in Carmel,

Mary O'Boyle, OCDS

Christchurch's Peace of Christ Community President

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