May 2, 2020
Our Lady appearing to a sick St Therese of Lisieux

May: Dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary

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By Maureen William OCDS,
Christchurch President

Dear brothers and sisters in Carmel,

Trust this Newsletter finds all of you safe, healthy and happy.

It has been a very challenging month for most of us. Being Carmelites, however, this isolation truly gives us the added time of silence and solitude which we are being called to. Thank you, dear God, for our Divine Office and time of meditation.

What a greater opportunity to pray and to read the Scriptures (guess some of you would have taken up Fr John Adam’s challenge to read the Gospel of Mark during Holy Week).
As we are in lock down due to the Coronavirus, Council has decided not to convene our meeting in May. Please pray for one another, and the immediate end of this pandemic. While we are still in lock down, it would be great if we continue reading “Story of a Soul”.

I wish to thank Megan for all the hard work she did for our dear Theresa Siew; from the days leading to Theresa’s death till the funeral. Megan was also a source of consolation for Mary, Theresa’s grieving daughter, who could not be present. Mary writes:

“...Love and Gratitude to the Carmel Community for their prayers and outpourings of love. I will visit you all when I visit Christchurch in July.”

God bless you, dear Megan, for your love, kindness and generosity.

The month of May is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. May our Lady of Carmel bless and protect our country, our Community, all those we love and all who ask of our prayers.

May our Risen Lord bestow His Divine Mercy on us. Jesus, I trust in You.

Love and blessings in Carmel,

God bless,

Maureen William, OCDS

Christchurch's Peace of Christ Community President